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Jaya Smart Building 2nd Floor, Street 566, Boeung Kok 2, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.

About Us

Our Vision

The Asian Vision Institute (AVI) is an independent think tank based in Cambodia.

The vision of the Institute is:

  • To impact positive changes through knowledge co-creation and multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • To build peaceful, inclusive, adapting resilient and sustainable societies in Asia
  • To promote Asian wisdom and perspective and the values of humanity, peace, and cultural diversity in Asia.
Our Mission

To realise the above vision the Institute aims to:

  • Promote inclusive growth and people-centred development
  • Conduct practical policy and program research
  • Promote multi-stakeholder dialogue and strengthen cross-sectoral partnerships and collaboration
  • Advance knowledge sharing and build leadership and innovation capacity.