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Towards a Sustainable Security for Asia and Europe | The Next Gen EU-ASEAN Think Tank Dialogue

The world today has long been engaged with the challenges and opportunities that arise in a rapidly changing global environment. The current security context is shaped by a range of factors and a number of broader trends that interact in a variety of ways to produce a volatile and unpredictable security environment, characterised by both traditional and non-traditional security threats. These are all contributing to a world that is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before, but also more complex and unpredictable. Given the complexity of the current situation, it is clear that there are no easy solutions to the challenges that we face. As the challenges are often diffused and difficult to predict, they require new forms of cooperation and coordination among states and non-state actors. The complex and interconnected nature of the security challenges today highlights the importance of cooperation between ASEAN and the EU for promoting peace, stability and security. ASEAN and EU regions have been working tirelessly in building a more inclusive and sustainable security architecture. In addition to formal intergovernmental cooperation, there is also a pressing need for track II (non-official) cooperation between ASEAN and the EU in the field of security, which helps to foster greater mutual understanding, build trust, and develop innovative solutions to complex security challenges facing both regions. In this regard, joint research publications can also help to promote greater awareness and understanding of security issues among policymakers, civil society actors, and the general public, both within ASEAN and EU regions and beyond. This joint publication on security issues aims to serve as a platform for dialogue and exchange, and can help to build bridges between the two regions, particularly in areas where there may be divergent perspectives or approaches. By collaborating on research and analysis, ASEAN and EU research fellows can make recommendations for security cooperation between the two regions. The authors of this volume are fellows under the Security cluster of the EANGAGE project, who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to bear on the issues at hand. They offer a range of perspectives and insights that will be of interest to scholars, policymakers, and concerned citizens alike. From the technologically advanced cooperation in the Indo-Pacific to the challenges to human security, the contributors to this book grapple with some of the most pressing security topics of our time. One of the strengths of this volume is its multidisciplinary approach as the authors draw on a variety of theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence to shed light on the complex and multifaceted nature of contemporary security threats. Especially through these joint publications, ASEAN and EU fellows can share best practices and lessons learned, and develop new approaches to addressing shared security challenges. Having no doubt that this will be an invaluable resource for scholars and practitioners alike, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam is delighted to recommend this research volume to anyone with an interest in the future of international relations. We hope that the fellows of the EANGAGE project will continue to strengthen the network and to join hands in our future projects.
Release: April 24, 2023
Author: KAS