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Dialogues on Sustainable Development between Europe and Asia | The Next Gen EU-ASEAN Think Tank Dialogue

The concept of sustainable development has long been a cornerstone of global efforts to reduce poverty, ensure a healthy environment and foster economic growth. It is a vision of a future world in which people, the environment, and our economies can all thrive together. In 2015, the world leaders adopted the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development. Time is running out to realise the 17 goals of the agenda. The COVID-19 pandemic and the escalating war in Ukraine have disrupted or even derailed the progress towards the achievement of the goals. In recent years, there have been efforts by the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in developing sustainable policies, practices, and projects that have the potential to make our planet a healthier and more prosperous place for generations to come. However, much more needs to be done to realise the full potential of the sustainable development agenda. This book is part of a three-volume set of research papers produced under the project “Think Next, Act Next – The Next Gen EU-ASEAN Think Tank Dialogue” (EANGAGE), which aims to encourage greater collaboration between the EU and ASEAN, inspire joint research and foster greater awareness of the EU’s engagement in the ASEAN region. Co-funded by the European Union, the two-year project was launched in 2021. The Asian Vision Institute, Cambodia is honoured to be one of the partners for this project, and focused on research in the area of sustainable development. The two other partners for the project, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (with its Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia) and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, were responsible for facilitating research in the areas of connectivity and security respectively. This book is a compilation of papers under the Sustainable Development cluster of the EANGAGE project. The book reflects the efforts, dedication, and teamwork spirit of the young think tankers from ASEAN and the European Union to unpack and provide solutions to sustainable development challenges in the two regions. As Southeast Asia and Europe are becoming increasingly interconnected and complex, cooperation on sustainable development is even more relevant. Both regions can share best practices and provide an essential framework for achieving a more equitable, prosperous, and secure future. From the ways in which we use resources and manage our environment, to the ways in which international relations, economic systems, and development goals are managed, sustainable development is a powerful tool for driving positive change. This book is a comprehensive and accessible guide to case studies relating to sustainable development, and to the implementation of sustainable development policies in the real world. The authors have brought together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable development by synthesising the vast body of knowledge on sustainable development into a comprehensive and accessible resource. The authors have provided insightful analysis of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and presented their insights in an engaging and practical way. This book will be an invaluable resource for researchers, students, policymakers, and practitioners alike. Sustainable development is the only viable path forward for our planet. It is essential that we work together to ensure that we humans can live in harmony with our environment, while also providing shared economic opportunities and common security.
Release: April 24, 2023
Author: KAS